NINASAM is a cultural organisation working in the village Heggodu, in Karnataka, South India. Ninasam’s branches include the Ninasam Theatre Institute, a theatre school based in Heggodu and Ninasam Tirugata, a theatre company.

This is a computerised data bank of the available theatre buildings and spaces for performances in all the districts of Karnataka, based on an extensive field survey done in 2006. Ninasam had conducted one such survey in 1991-92 and the 2006 survey has updated the earlier data. This database is intended for the use of professional theatre groups, students of theatre as well as research scholars and cultural administrators.

PLEASE NOTE: All the data here is from 2006, and therefore, some of this might have changed now.

Ninasam with its various branches and allied organisation has been working in the fields of Theatre, Cinema, Literature, Folk Arts and other cultural media for the last 4-5 decades and its work has received national and international acclaim. Through its repertory unit Tirugata, Ninasam has so far given more than 1500 shows in all parts of Karnataka. While organising these shows, Ninasam has felt the lack of information about the availability as well as the nature of theatre spaces. The primary impetus for doing this survey, in fact, originated there.


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Theatre Survey 2005-06 Supported by India Foundation for Arts (IFA) Bangalore, Karnataka, India

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