• Ninasam prepared a documentation chart to form a guideline for the survey which was in part, based on the guidelines used for the 1991-92 survey.
  • Twenty one past pupils of the Ninasam Theatre Institute were selected for the survey and a short work orientation work shop was conducted for them. A proforma for the collection of necessary details was prepared by a panel of theatre experts and given to the surveyors.
  • Each member of the survey team then traveled through the districts allotted to them, personally, visiting all the important theatre-spaces and brought back first hand statistics. The time allotted for this process was a period of three months.
  • The material was finally consolidated into a final report by two theatre experts, Channakeshava and K.V. Akshara, in the presence of all the members of the survey unit and details were reconfirmed in several ambiguous cases.
  • A database of the consolidated statistics was compiled by Communiqué, an advertising agency, based in Bangalore. The database was then incorporated into a website and hosted on the internet. This entire process was executed over six months.


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